Nada Borgi and Etienne Bastormagi share a lot of interests and a matching professional track. Trained as architects and urban planners, they both worked in corporate environments, managed against all odds to have their own architecture practices. With that, they both enjoy tutoring and learning from younger architects in the making.  


In their free time, they used to spend long hours at cafes with their sketchbooks. Random drawing nights eventually became more focused on product design.  Etienne’s artistic background and Nada’s interest in designing through narratives drafted the vision of BORGI|BASTORMAGI.


Both living and working in Beirut, Nada and Etienne get their inspirations from their surroundings and daily life. Pairing tradition and modernity, their designs are influenced by everyone’s attempt to find their little moments of balance and harmony amidst the chaos of the city.


Their products hold an urban dimension, while having the user as the main focus. Their creations aim to question the relation of body and space, suggest different behavioral patterns and offer playful experiences that defeat gravity and equilibrium.


Their choice of material is pure, reflecting their inclination for minimalistic forms and techniques. The duo believes is highlighting the uses induced by design, and their multiple possibilities, rather than the object itself.


Their first international participation was in Milan Design Week in 2017’s Ventura districts’ Fuori Salone.

In September 2018 they showcased their latest collection at Beirut Design Fair. Their designs are sold online and in local galleries.